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Company Background

Founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2003, auDSPr's parent company, Nemesis Technology, Inc., specializes in audio digital signal processing (DSP) applications. For decades, Nemesis has been supplying high performance reverb and audio effects chips, modules, and systems to the pro audio and music industry. With a lifetime of experience designing audio algorithms and products, Nemesis has developed and refined a sophisticated library of powerful, awesome-sounding programs.

In 2018 we launched our software brand, auDSPr - a purveyor of fine audio apps, starting first on the Apple iPad® and now expanded to the Apple iPhone® and iPod touch®.

Our team's capabilities span all aspects of product design and development, including electrical hardware, firmware, software, digital signal processing, mechanical design, and industrial design. We have proficiency in leading engineering teams and in project management, including product specification, scheduling, resource allocation, cost projection, and budgeting.

Our mission is to be a leading provider of sophisticated, high performance, cost-effective audio DSP solutions to the industry.


David J.A. Simpao - In 1997, Mr. Simpao was one of the co-founders of Nemesis. He became the President in 2003 when the company incorporated. His experience includes many years of contract engineering where he designed numerous products for audio equipment companies such as M-Audio and Mackie. He served as Director of Engineering for M-Audio. Prior to founding Nemesis, Mr. Simpao worked at Alesis Corporation, an audio equipment manufacturer which caters to the musical instrument and professional audio markets. There he worked his way up from design engineer to his ultimate role as Director of Product Development where he was responsible for all projects in development. Mr. Simpao graduated with honors from Harvey Mudd College with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.

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